La Cucina di Famiglia

Jennifer is excited to bring our extended PS&S family together through her cooking website, La Cucina di Famiglia. La Cucina di Famiglia (The Family Kitchen) takes guests on a journey to Jennifer's family's Southern Italian heritage, featuring a mix of favorite regional Italian and Italian-American recipes. You will also have the opportunity to preview her three existing cookbooks, Abbondanza, Mangiamo, and La Dolce Vita, as well as learn more about her famous cooking classes, including the Italian Cheese Workshop and Crushing on Wine.

Speaking of cooking classes...Do you struggle to prepare meals for yourself and your family?  Would you like to learn easy shortcuts and become a better home cook?  

If so, complete the entry form below for a chance to win a Virtual Private Cooking Lesson with Jen.  When you submit the entry form, please tell us why you would like to win this private course. One winner will be selected each month and a personal meal plan will be developed for the cooking lesson.  You will be amazed at how easy and delicious food can be when you cook at home!