Written on 06/14/2017
Jennifer Nevins

Dear Jen,

What is the best timing for paving work to be done and why?


Dear Anonymous:

Paving between April and November is perfectly acceptable (weather-permitting) from a structural integrity perspective. However, if the community is concerned with the aesthetics of the newly paved roads and parking lots (as most are), it would be best to avoid construction during the hottest months: July and August. It's not uncommon for residents and visitors to cut the wheel of their vehicles and scruff-up newly paved surfaces. The scruffs don't impact the structural integrity of the pavement and they do wear away over time. However, if they can be minimized, that's what we recommend.

Project Manager/Construction Inspector


*Disclaimer - this content is for educational purposes only and not for  site-specific construction or reliance.  If you have a site-specific concern, just call us and at no charge, we will meet you to review and discuss.