Catch Basins

Written on 06/14/2017
Jennifer Nevins

Dear Jen,

Would you inspect all catch basins for complete integrity, down to the cinder block, and have a cost for doing any remedial work itemized in your proposal?


Dear Anonymous:

Yes, we always inspect the catch basins within the roadways that are included in the scope of work. We also inspect the catch basins as part of the pre-construction meeting with the awarded contractor and the Association Manager so that we are all 100% clear on the extent of work and pricing. Our bid proposal package provides an itemized breakdown of costs for parging (concrete/cement resurfacing of interior walls) a catch basin, repairing 1 to 4 courses of cinder block, and full reconstruction of catch basins. The contractor fills-in each line item so that there's an established price for each. The community will only pay the contractor for the work that is performed. 

Project Manager/Construction Inspector


*Disclaimer - this content is for educational purposes only and not for  site-specific construction or reliance.  If you have a site-specific concern, just call us and at no charge, we will meet you to review and discuss.