Written on 08/10/2016
Jennifer Nevins

Dear Jen, 

Board members are complaining about the condition of the community roadways, parking areas and walking paths.  Can you get them done for us before this winter? 


Dear Harold, 

The association needs to go out to bid to hire an engineer to prepare the specifications. The engineer needs to get core samples, prepare a site map, visit the site to mark up the map with areas that need work, and prepare the actual specification. Once approved, the specification is sent out to contractors to bid. The contractor will need at least 2 to 3 weeks to get the bids, then the information will get entered into a spreadsheet and sent to the board to choose a contractor. This whole process can take up to 1 - 1 1/2 months so now you're approaching October. The question now is, whether or not the contractor is available this fall to do the work. If we have an early winter, it will not happen and the project will have to be put off until spring. It would take very fast movement on the part of the board, the engineer and the contractors to get it out and moving fast enough to be viable for the fall. 

All this being said, PS&S would do our best to expedite the specifications but the engineer is only one component in the equation. 

Project Engineer


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